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At Whizbang Boxing, we love the idea of utilizing technology to complement our training.  This is why we have brought NeuroTrainer to the gym which is a virtual reality-based training system.  By regular training with the NeuroTrainer, you can optimize your neural pathways which will increase your performance as an athlete.  Before stepping into the ring for a fight, NeuroTrainer can prime your brain so that you are better prepared to anticipate what is coming.

NeuroTrainer helps: 

  • Improve decision speed

  • Quicker task switching

  • Expanded field of vision

  • Greater situational awareness

  • Enhanced focus

  • Build endurance

If you are interested in working with Neurotrainer, sign up below for our pre-registration form.  We will contact you to discuss your training goals and get you set up with a license so you can start your training today!

*Monthly membership with NeuroTrainer add-on: $150/month

Neurotrainer Signup

Thank you for signing up!  We will contact you soon.

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