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Coach Shawn - Owner

Coach Dale 

Coach Joel

“Ever since I was 5 years old, I have lived with a passion in competitive and combat sports. I have spent most of my years since then training and growing in the endless ocean of martial arts.

A few of those years were spent instructing Muay Thai, Kickboxing, and Kick cardio classes because I love to see other people find passion and confidence while getting in the best shape of their lives.

With a long history of competitive sports and Mixed Martial Arts, I have a passion in combining science based HIIT training with my passion of combat focused movements to bring you the most efficient way to drop those Covid pounds. I will sprinkle in the self-defense tips for free.”

Joel has many years of experience studying a variety of martial arts including Taekwondo (Black Belt), Karate (Black Stripe), And a combined 10 years of kickboxing and Muay Thai training, 10 Years of MMA including a variety of grappling and striking techniques, and of course 1 year and counting of boxing experience.

Joel also has  5 Years of powerlifting experience, 5 years of working as a bouncer. He looks forward to his future in coaching and watching his students grow.

If you're an early riser Coach Joels 6AM Box class might just be for you!

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